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The node° system offers a proven way to increase waste and on street recycling participation in locations such as high and low rise flats, where more traditional collection methods such as kerbside collection simply isn’t practical.

Through its distinctive appearance and ingenious design, the node° mini-recycling centre attracts attention, offering a radical alternative to the conventional look of the standard waste recycling bin

Part of our Urban Solutions range, the node°’s modular system means that one to four 800-litre units (node 90°, node 180°, node 270° and node 360°) can be configured to give a maximum 3,200 litres of capacity. In a footprint of less than a car parking space!

This makes the node° ideally suited for high density housing recycling and town centre recycling on the go. Independent research confirms that the system encourages on street collection and improves hi-rise property recycling participation among the public.

Easy to install and Operate

Thanks to an optional freestanding steel base, the node 360° can be installed on-site in only quarter of an hour. This also means there are no groundwork costs to meet or planning consent required. Such versatility also makes the node° perfect for schools and temporary events recycling, where it’s easily moved to where it’s needed.

And, as the node° mini-recycling centre’s already fitted with a traditional comb bar, it’s quickly emptied by your existing waste and recycling vehicles.

  • The aesthetic nature of the design attracts attention encourages participation in the use of the containers.
  • The relatively small footprint compared to the collection capacity provides a unique solution to areas such as high density housing developments.
  • A large area reserved for graphics allows communication of the intended use of the units leading to a higher participation rate.
  • A range of capacities available.
  • Large Print Area.

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