Taylor bins have always been designed to perform with a focus on quality and durability. The need to ship Taylor products all around the world instigated a Research and Development project to increase their shipping density without compromising on performance. The results were quite staggering where the shipping density of the Taylor Continental™ 1100L container was increased from 84 units in a 40ft High Cube Sea Container to 147 units, an increase of 75%. It is innovation like this that ensures Taylor can efficiently send our products all over the world, at the best prices. Below is a sample picture of how our world leading 1100L bin may be configured for different shipping containers.

Stacking Bins

Bash Plates

As Taylor constantly seeks out feedback from our customers, we are able to design our products with local use in mind. Having been made aware of usage methods in some parts of the world, Taylor designed internal bash plates to be fitted as standard to our Continental bin range. These plates significantly reinforce Taylor bins for use in harsh conditions around the world by engineering strength into the container where it is needed.

Environmental Testing

As part of Taylor’s rigorous EN 840 testing procedures we test our bins in our on-site environmental simulation booth, to ensure our containers are built to withstand the challenges faced around the world. We test our bins in temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius, our lids to temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, and up to 95% humidity. In addition to this we carry out testing to measure the effect of salt water on our containers, this means our Steel bins are ready to face local conditions wherever they are.