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Since 1962 Taylor has been continuously developing its metal bins to last longer, resist damage and to be easier to handle. Galvanised steel bodies and internally welded seams make our Continental bins extremely strong and mean they can perform in the harshest environments. We take an analytical approach to performance and use our own custom built BS EN840 testing centre where we replicate a variety of environments and real life situations to continually improve our designs.

Market-leading Service:

Taylor understands the many pressures of delivering waste solutions and has developed a flexible approach to meet the needs of international clients. Our flexible base in the UK is able to respond to changing requirements and deliver over 3000 containers a week, if required. An assigned member of the team is always available to you for advice before and after delivery. Maintaining our reputation for quality service is something we take very seriously.

Lowest Cost of Waste Containment:

Taylor has focused on steel products for the simple reason that the structural strength combined with our accredited quality of manufacture means the containers cost per year of use will be the lowest in the market, a level that can’t be matched by other types of bins. In addition the Taylor Continental bin range has been engineered to achieve fewer failures and collection incidents, saving our clients money throughout the long life of the containers.

An independent audit was carried out in 2009 at Birmingham City Council in the UK which established the average age of containers within a 23,000 Taylor container fleet was 17 years old, please see case study on “Case Study” page. Demonstrating that with correct use and maintenance, our containers can outperform even the best plastic bin in the marketplace, saving you money.

Continental 1100

Continental™ Range

Setting the standard for over 20 years the Continental™ range is the UK’s leading steel waste and recycling container.

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Stacked Waste Containers

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Find out more about the leading provider of waste and recycling bins and how our products and customer service meet the highest of standards.

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Client Case Studies

Our case studies show how we have helped organisations achieve their goals. From residential recycling schemes to large scale project managed delivered projects. Taylor has a proven track record of success.

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Continental 1100

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